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Daniel Monahan

Piscataway, NJ

"7a.m start; 11a.m. finish; very fast and very clean; very pleased with the job they did! Overall Experience A; Price A; Responsiveness A; Punctualilty A; Professionalism A"

Michelle Malchick

East Brunswick, NJ

Description Of Work: This is by far the BEST company I have ever dealt with! He replaced the roof around my chimney due to a leak, caulked the bathroom pipes on the roof, recaulked my skylight, fixed my gutters. He checked my attic fan and it was to cold to get it to work. He said to wait for the warm weather to see if it needs to be replaced. Honesty at its finest!!! :) Member Comments: From the minute I called this company they were amazing! They returned my call for service immediately. I explained that I had another company give me an estimate who did not want to be bothered with me AND try to sell me a bill of goods! They came out immediately and called me with a wonderful reasonable estimate. Due to weather conditions we had to wait a bit. Once the weather was better they called me immediately to set up an appointment to do the work.The salesman were wonderful as were the workers doing the work. They showed up early, before the time they even said. They called throughout the day with updates on what was going on. Anyone who does not use this company is missing out. This company will be my roofer for life!!! :) Share on Band of Neighbors: Yes

Guy & Josephine Rizzo

Barnegat, NJ

Removed roof shingles on entire roof to wood decking, installed new shingles on entire roof. Member Comments: They arrived at 7:30 a.m. on time, covered surrounding area for refuse. Removed all shingles and replaced with new ones. Cleaned entire area completely of all refuse.

Barbara Banko

Somerset, NJ

"Description Of Work: Removed existing roof. Replaced plywood in areas where it was leaking. Provided new roof and vents. Replaced attic fan. Put on gutter covers for gutters not already done. Member Comments: Double D is exceptional. They responded promptly to my request for an estimate - came to the house 2 hours after initial phone call. Scheduled roof within reasonable amount of time considering the snow storms. Showed up promptly on initial day - explained process and worked efficiently and quickly. My roof is very large so it took more than 1 day. They completed it on the Saturday before XMAS. The gutter guards were installed by a subcontractor a couple of days later. I am extremely impressed with this company. They were very professional and very responsive. They came back a week later after the snow had melted and foraged around for any nails which they may have missed with the snow on the ground. I would highly recommend Double D. My experiences were all very positive. Overall A Price B Quality A Responsiveness A Punctuality A Professionalism A "

L. John Belle II

Flemington, NJ

"Dear Dennis: I hope this letter finds you and your family in good health and spirits especially as the holiday season approaches. I am writing this letter to acknowledge and praise the exemplary work performed by your men at our home. While residential design and construction is not my expertise, I am a Professional Engineer with over forty years experience in the design and construction of public projects and I know the difference between 'just good enough' performance and excellence. Our project falls into the latter category! I appreciate the little details of construction I witnessed that say as much about the pride these men take in their work, as it does does about their skill level. Further, it was a great pleasure to meet, get to know and collaborate with your men. Chuck has been responsive and helpful from the very inception of the project and Chuck, Leo and Jimmy conducted themselves with the highest level of professionalism and at all times they conducted themselves as gentlemen. You may use our project and me as a reference at any time. Thank you to Double D Construction for this exceptional outcome."

Suzzane Cerminara

Somerville, NJ

"Overall, how satisfied were you with our product/service?: Very Satisfied Would you recommend our product/service?: Definitely Additional Comments: I am so happy I discovered this wonderful company. All construction companies should use Double D Construction as their model. Client service: 100% perfect Follow-up: 100% perfect My new garage roof: 100% perfect Clean up: 100% perfect Price: 100% fair(best price given)100% perfect Dennis, Rob and Mike are professional, hardworking, honest, trustworthy gentlemen that deliver the best service anyone could ask for. THIS is how it should be done!"

George Cremer

Piscataway, NJ

"Just want to inform you that i was very satisfied with the way your crew went about re-roofing my house on may,20th and cleaning up after.Your young forman on the job was very pleasent to deal with.I'm glad he spoke and understood english.I was impressed by the answer he gave when i questioned him on some of the plywood sheets that needed replacing. The gutter crew came may,22nd and replaced the damaged gutters the way i requested.I forward my overall evaluation to Angies List.Shouldn't i be receiving a written warranty from either Double D or the shingle manufacture GAF ? It was a pleasure doing business with Double D.I will keep you in mind for any future home improvement needs."

Lawrence Rithchick

North Brunswick, NJ

"I had them remove all the old shingles, and replace them with new GAF shingles. Member Comments: The job was done in a very professional manner. They were neat and completed the job in one day. All the old shingles were carted away, and any nails that were droped on the ground were picked up by use of a moving magnet.. The roof looks great. "

Anthony Valvano

Hillsborough, NJ

"Complete removal of old roof, installed a new roof with 4 skylights and replaced many areas of the roof that were damaged. Completely repaired the inside corner of the house that was damaged by water from a storm which included vinyl siding repair. Installed all new gutters and leaders. Double D is a very profesional contracting outfit with excellent workers and all the work was done very well. They showed up both days with a team workers exactly the times specified and worked through the day with no problems. I would highly recomend Double D if you need home repairs. From the day they came to my home for the estimate to the they they completed the repairs it was a pleasure to do business with a professional company. "

Judy Smith

Matawan, NJ

"New roof, with tear down of existing double roof. Excellent! On time, excellent job, great clean up. "

Edward Kissling

Spring Lake, NJ

"Double D is an incredible operation. Quick with a fair estimate, then schedule you within a week for the repair, and then great follow up. If you need a roofer call them!"

Peter Jordan

Somerset, NJ

"They charged me an equitable amount. The service went very well for me. They were on time and prompt. They cleaned up well. The roof so far looks pretty good. They were very professional."

Mary Pekarski

East Brunswick, NJ

"Everyone was very knowledgeable. Prompt and courteous. Special kudos to their office manager, Rob, whose assistance was extremely helpful and greatly appreciated!"

Yvonne & Craig Johnson

Piscataway, NJ

"Double D did a great job and the workers cleaned up their messes. Great company to work with."

John Stevens

West Orange, NJ

"Double D Construction responded quickly was reasonably priced & did a great job. Also cleaned up when done."

Antonio Medina

East Brunswick, NJ

"The work crew was on time and worked very well together. They displayed excellent workmanship, once finished the area was meticulously clean and the job was reasonably priced."

Denis Roghas

Metuchen, NJ

Fast response for estimate one day turn around on the entire job, cleaned up everything.

Harry Chin

Somerset, NJ

It's the real deal. They started early and finished early besides the job was done in a very professional manner.

Pam Krueger

Hillsborough, NJ

"The Sales/Service Manager (David) was great! Workers friendly and efficient. Fast workers and hard workers. Cleaned up well after. Very happy with job!"

Jaclyn and Rich Bierilo

Piscataway, NJ

"The roofers were on time; worked quickly & efficiently and were very competitively priced Overall A; Price A; Responsiveness A; Punctuality A; Professionalism A "

Ruth Varney

Somerset, NJ

"The crew from Double "D" showed up on the expected day and completed all of the roof replacement by 4 PM that day. The crew for the gutters finished all of their work in 2 - 3 hours the next day. The work site was completely cleaned up when they finished. We were very pleased with their work. They fixed a bump in the roof that the original builder and roofer had not fixed."

Sadaf Bhatti

Bound Brook, NJ

"I purchased a home that had a damaged roof which showed up in the home inspection. Apparently a tree fell and stuck the roof causing a small hole and the gutter needed to be completely replaced. I called a few roofers to get estimates. Double D prices were slightly higher than some of the other contractors. However, I went with them anyways because of the great reviews and the fact they backed their work with a 10 year warranty. I guess you get what you pay for. They offer 10 year warranty with their work, were honest about the scheduling and estimated work time frame. They did the job right and professionally. The only issue I had was a few months later, I discovered they did not put the gutter screens from the old gutter onto the new gutter. When I noticed the bare gutters, I contacted the company and they responded immediately. Gave me no hassle and nor did they make me jump through any hoops or chase them to get it done. Rob said they will send someone out with new screens. A few days late, the screens are on. So I guess it wasn't really an issue at all. If anything, it just goes to show you the company cares to make the customer happy and would not make you chase them if something comes up later. I would definitely hire them again. "

Christine Fellin

Somerville, NJ

"Removed old garage roof, put on new tar paper & shingles. Replaced fascia boards and capped aluminum. Put up new gutters and leaders. Member Comments: Work crew on time, politely asked about shrubbery if it could be cut to make room. They worked quickly & efficiently. Foreman came and we made changes to original price (added 2nd gutter)."

Jeffrey C. Miller

Bridgewater, NJ

"Removed and replaced entire roof. Despite the shorter days as we approached Thanksgiving, Double D was at the house at 7:30 AM, Removed the old roof, replaced needed plywood and installed the new roof by 5PM. Even in the dark they cleaned and left the area spotless.

Marc Cianfrone

Somerset, NJ

"Tear-off Old shingles and install new, Ridge vent 64', flash chimney, GAF rubberoid roll roofing material on low pitched roof on back of garage. Install new attic fan. Remove all aluminum rake board trim on roof edges, install new white vinyl coated aluminum trim on all rake edges approx. 250', remove all debris. End of job add-ons: replaced 12 4' x 8' 1/2" PLYWOOD, Install 30' flashing, sister 3 rafters Member Comments: Dennis came an viewed the damages from Hurricane Sandy and forwarded an estimate for the job. Dennis and I had conversations over the price and settled a dollar amount in mid December. Dennis mentioned at the time he had quite a few jobs in the Piscataway area and would not be able to get to our house until into the New Year. I called in mid-January and talked with Dennis and we agreed to look at Mid-April to start the roofing job. I did not want to do the roof during the extreme winter months of cold. Dennis called me in Early April to set a tentative date (weather permitting). Ultimately the date was moved back 5 days due to weather. On Tuesday, April 16 Double D construction crew arrived at 7:30am and began cover the ground with tarps and begin the removal of the old roof. Around 11 AM the shingles arrived and the start of the new roof was underway. As they replaced damaged plywood they noticed that 3 rafters under the portion of the rear garage rood needed to be sistered, and they did so effectively. When they saw any other issue they brought them to my attention and we agreed to correct the problem. They removed most of the raking from the house. They finished the shingle portion of the roof and had laid down the rubberroid roofing about 5:30PM. On Wednesday, April 17 two of Dennis's crew returned to put up new vinyl aluminum siding on all the rakes. This was a tedious and time consuming due to the number of cuts and installation. At days end they had completed the new raking and installed 30' of flashing. On Thursday, April 18 one worker returned and put a layer of tar over the rubberroid roofing which was the last item to be completed. They cleaned up the property at the end of each day. "

Tina Hatten

Piscataway, NJ

"Double D had the best quote to replace the roof. Another point was every one I received a quote from used the same material. Service will be completed in June, 2013 One last point Double D will inspect the roof every five years at no charge. I placed a call spoke to David in the office who was very helpful. He told me someone will call back to set up a roof inspection date. That same week David called and set a roof inspection date. They came on a Saturday morning and I had a quote sent to my email address on Sunday and a hard copy placed in the mailed. They will repair my roof in June that date works better for me."

Deryl Habib

Princeton, NJ

"Dennis was a pleasure to deal with, he had a competitive rate, was insured,certified, A+ member of bbb. He discounted his price due to the amount of plywood we were replacing. They showed up at my house with a large crew, 1st thing they did was to tarp the entire area from the gutters down. They then ripped off the old roof & showed me what pieces of plywood needed to be replaced. Which was obvious once the old roof was removed. His team worked flawlessly together & constantly worked until the project was completed. The crew had a foreman on site who had answered my questions that day & took me through all the steps, there was a question about the discount that he needed to contact Dennis about. Dennis was easily available & we resolved that right on the spot. The job turned out perfect, no leaks ever, even after Sandy hit. The crew cleaned up everything & there was no debris left behind. I did have some other jokers before I decided to go with Double D, stay clear of Miraglia. He blew me off for almost a month, didn't return calls (I left 3voice mails telling him that I saw him on Angies list & was requesting an estimate) then out of the blue he calls me on a Saturday & asks if he could come over to do an estimate. I agreed but knew I wouldn't go with him because he already showed me how unreliable he is & how he doesn't care about my time or concerns. He came out & spent over 40 mins checking the house out writing his estimate, which included extra for the little roof area over 2 bay windows (prob take 10 shingles to cover). His estimate was way higher than all the rest. He started saying how he is certified, member of BBB bla, bla bla. My wife asked if everyone who would be working on our roof was certified (she's a wise @ss), he was like uhhh, uhhh. I asked him to work on the price a bit, he went out to his truck in a huff & came back with an estimate he labeled "economy estimate" he said he would only use 2 nails per shingle instead of 3 to meet my price & other ridiculous deductions. I have seen him on Angies list with high ratings, maybe this has changed since I checked before. I feel that he would of done a good job, but he obviously is overpriced & if you have an issue with his work, good luck getting it resolved. This is the same guy who calls you back when it is convenient for him with no apologies......Go with Dennis of Double D & rest assured."

Brian Patrick

Somerset, NJ

"Double D Was supposed to start the day of hurricane Sandy. But Sandy had different plans for us. But the office and Dennis kept me informed of when they would be here and was true to there word. They said they would be at the house at 8:45 they were there at 8:00. Very impressed and keep in mind this was in the hight of a diaster from the hurricane not easy to move about in the city with down trees and poles and i'm sure everyone was calling for repairs etc. The job took a day and a half start to finish very professional business and crew could not ask for a better company. Very pleased with the job 100% and will call them to do some more work in the near future ..."

Robin Connell

Somerset, NJ

"I hired Double D Construction but they’re not coming to do the work until October or November. They will remodel my two bathrooms. They are going to gut them and everything is going in new. They are doing a shower, bathtub, and doors. They are including some of the faucets plus they are doing wiring and putting in fans. It is fairly inclusive. If I have a question about ordering tile, they are easily accessible; they would get an A+ on that. They get back to me and I can call them on weekends. I have all the products and I am waiting for them to be done with their current project so they can start mine. I had used them on my roof in the past. "

Amy Wilson

North Brunswick, NJ

"Double D Construction did a full roof tear-off and replacement for my next door neighbor after I recommended them based on their listing here on Angie's List. According to my neighbor, they were punctual, professional, and courteous. Their pricing was very reasonable when compared with other local roofing businesses. I was home on the day the work was done and I observed the Double D employees installing my neighbor's roof. They arrived promptly in the morning with a large crew and were easily finished by noon. The new roof has a great streamlined look with the addition of a ridge vent along the top line. My neighbor said she couldn't be happier with the results and would highly recommend Double D to anyone looking for roof repairs/replacements"

Sherry Novembre

Somerville, NJ

"We were referred to Double D by a friend who had used them to replace his house roof.Double D replaced the rotting roof on our shed, including shed roof structure and shingles, and also added flashing to the vents on our house roof. Dennis at Double D was very responsive with his estimate and answering our many questions. The estimate was comparable to other estimates we had obtained.The crew showed up on time and got right to work, and they worked hard all day. They were organized and fairly thorough in their work. They cleaned up the yard very well before they left.The only quibble would be that they did not see/suggest the replacement of some rotting cosmetic roof pieces at the time; and we did not notice until they had gone. This may require a second visit down the line, which might have been avoided if it was attended to at the time. Again, this is a minor quibble and we will definitely use Double D when it is time to replace the roof on our house! Thanks Double D!"

Barry Zecca

Martinsville, NJ

"16 workers spent 2 full days replacing my roof...256 man-hours. Completely stripped roof, installed ridge vents, replaced wood, new fan, special GAF inspected installation, 130 MPH wind warranty, all included. PERFECT IN EVERY WAY. Two neighbors had roofs replaced by another firm. Same size homes, but only 6 men worked for 7 hours, or 42 man hours. I watched both...original tar paper NEVER removed to inspect for rotten wood, no ridge vents installed (required now for extended warranty), just a fast job with no concern for quality workmanship. I paid a little more, but got a 50 year warranty and super conern for details. Neighbors got a 10 year warranty, and only a quick job, not a quality job."

Kyllene Cox

Piscataway, NJ

"Double D Roofing was wonderful to work with and there was no sales pressure into hiring this company. The company representative came to look at my roof,(house is a long ranch), left roofing samples and e-mailed the estimate and the contract; plus we spoke on the phone. The plan was to replace the roof in late September/early October. But the weather, beyond anyone's control, interfered and the roof was replaced in November, 2011. The crew arrived early, explained everything that had to be done, informed me of any wood that had to be replaced and stated that the chimney was in good shape. All the men were extremely competent and friendly. They thoroughly cleaned up the debris and checked several times for any loose nails that may have fallen on the ground. The roof looks great and certainly one less thing I have to be concerned about. I would definitely recommend Double D to anyone who is thinking of replacing their roof. I have been wanting to write a review and recommendation and apologize for taking so long.Please see above. Wonderful, I could not be more pleased."

Chris Klemm

Piscataway, NJ

"First, it’s important to note that I usually HATE contractors. I think most of them are con artist jerks that care nothing about their work, so any good remarks from me are rare. Dennis is the exception to the norm in every way. I called four or five guys for roof estimates; Dennis returned my call right away. He made an appointment to meet me to discuss the job. He called to let me know he was on his way, and arrived exactly on time. Many others didn’t even offer a consultation, they just stuck a business card with a price in the mailbox and called that their “written estimate”. Dennis told me about my options: roof over, rip off, ice dams, etc, and he told me about the types of shingles and warranties. When he was done, he asked if I had any more questions, and then told me to give him a call if I wanted to hire him. No high pressure at all. Dennis was the only person to give me a good consultation, and fair price, and no sales pressure. My neighbor and I both hired him to do our roofs at the same time. My neighbor decided to roof over his existing shingles, I went for a full removal. Dennis cautioned me that frequently plywood under roofs will be rotten and that he might need to replace some of the plywood. He told me what it would cost if a sheet of plywood needed to be replaced well in advance so there would be no surprise charges. Fortunately, all my plywood was in good shape. Dennis gave me a start date. He called a day in advance to confirm. His crew showed up early and set up ground clothes to cover my landscape from falling shingles. The guys removed the old roof in no time, with no shingles or trash left anywhere. They installed the new roof with care and attention. It’s a few years now and I have had no problems. I’ve called Dennis to talk about a few other jobs, he always calls back, and gives an honest , up front answer. I strongly Recommend Dennis and Double D."

Lorraine Davis

North Brunswick, NJ

"Went great -- they got here early in the morning and were done that evening -- and were very tidy! They didn't give me the discount for Angie's list - but once i sent in the coupon they sent me a check right away! Thanks!"   [bg_collapse_level2 view="button-orange" color="#4a4949" expand_text="Show More" collapse_text="Show Less" ]Went great -- they got here early in the morning and were done that evening -- and were very tidy! They didn't give me the discount for Angie's list - but once i sent in the coupon they sent me a check right away! Thanks!" [/bg_collapse_level2]

Marcia Rahinewick

Matawan, NJ

"5 workers arrived on time with shingles and worked excellently all day long. They took out and put back all heavy plants, pots,table, ect. put back in perfect order. They were all professional, courteous workers and the roof is beautifully done. They left property very clean."

Karen Tuschel

South Plainfield, NJ

"Crew was on time, worked quickly and efficiently and thoroughly cleaned up. They were very professional in all aspects of work."

William and Maria Propst

Edison, NJ

"The team from Double D were very hard working, performed professional work, Very punctual, work done is beautiful, They cleaned up immaculately. We will contact with them again in future. Thank you Double D!"

Cara & Randy Gutentag

Piscataway, NJ

"Very Satisfied; Definitely would recommend! We were very pleased with the job Double D did building an addition to our house. They were professional, efficient, started work early every day and always cleaned up. We would definitely recommend Double D to others."

Mr. Joe Blotto

Monroe, NJ

"I am writing this to thank you, your company, Randy and his crew for the wonderful job your company did in replacing my existing roofing tiles. As you know, the existing two layers had to be removed and a new layer of roofing tiles had to be installed. It was 20 years ago that you put the second layer on so; I knew your quality of work. I had three estimates and you came out a few dollars lower than the other two. I (my wife) decided it was time to change the color, even though your second tier was still performing well. Randy and his team did a quality and professional job. They protected my landscaping as well as the siding and windows of my house. This insured that no damage was to be done on the rip-out. They notified me when plywood was damaged and had to be replaced. This was mentioned in our contract, but your team wanted to show me the damage before they continued so that I had no surprises. The removal and replacement of the roofing tiles went up in two days. My neighbor who had had here roof replaced took 3 days for the same type of work. When the job was complete my property was cleaned up that you couldn’t find one piece of new or old construction material. To sum up: The price was right, the office service was excellent, the job was performed on time and as specified and Randy and his crew were professionals producing a quality product. Since the roofing tiles last 50 years they will outlive me. So please thank all who were involved in this project. Thanking you and your company "

Mr. Vijaymohan Deshpande

North Brunswick, NJ

"The job went well. The crew came on time, prepared the place well to collect the debris etc and stated working. Took time to explain what and how they are going to do the work. Only issue was pertaining to the cost of replaced plywood. Original oral agreement was up to three plywood planks would be replaced free of cost, which they wanted to charge. But the matter was amicably settled without any additional charge by the intervention of Mr. D.D. Overall A Price A Quality A Responsiveness A Punctuality A Professionalism A"

Mrs. Beth Matulewicz

Piscataway, NJ

"We have had a great experience with Double D .... all the workers worked hard all day and completed the job in one day! When they left - the job was perfect and my lawn was clean."

Eric Ingram

Piscataway, NJ

"They provided a full roof replacement and tear off of my home and garage. They replaced the shingles and wood as needed, they did a full clean up, and they were quick. For this price I also bought the 30yr. shingles. "


Flemington, NJ

"Are good. From the quote to the installation. Other than the excellent looking roof, you would never know they were there. Not one piece of scrap, roofing paper or nail has been found since the installation. The crew was courteous and conscientious."


Iselin, NJ



Bound Brook, NJ

"Were fair and reasonable on their estimates, arrived and completed the job as expected and left the place very clean.."


Belle Mead, NJ

"They do what they say!"


Branchburg, NJ

"True and honest businessmen."


Edison, NJ

"Did an excellent job!"

Susan K

Middlesex, NJ

"Additional Comments: Very professional, courteous, they always deliver on their promise and on time. We absolutely love working with Double D and would never look anywhere else, keep up the great job Double D. HIGHLY RECOMMEND."

Tarnisha Smart

Piscataway, NJ

They were on time, efficient, and professional. They also did a good job cleaning up. I would definitely recommend them others. Overall A Price A Quality A Responsiveness A Punctuality A Professionalism A


Piscataway, NJ

"Are the best ... at price and quality."


Basking Ridge

" ...extremely satisfied with the result."

Mrs. Flo Borsody

Piscataway, NJ

"Definitely call Double D roofing in Piscataway. They have been Highly (and frequently) recommended here in personals so I hired them last spring and was very happy with their work, performance, customer service and fair price. They had a crew of 12 on site and completed a full tear off and roof installation in the same day. They scouted the street and neighbors' yards for debris as they went since it was a windy day in March, and several of my neighbors watched them work and requested their contact info as well. While it Is acceptable to put a second roof on top of one existing roof, to ensure the longest manufacturer warranty Double D only does complete tear offs and new installation. And for clean up, they have their own dumpster that was brought to my street and loaded so everything was hauled away. They carefully protected my shrubs, deck, air conditioner unit and whole house generator with plywood and tarps to prevent any damage. I believe I found about 6 or 7 roof nails and a few small scraps of shingles in the week after, pretty amazing for the size and scope of the job performed. They will also inspect the roof annually going forward to check for any problems. They quoted a price noting what unknown costs might arise if for example a sheet of plywood had rot or required replacement. I didn't need any, but knew ahead what the cost would be if that was necessary. Double D is a reputable company apparently also highly recommended on Angie's list, though I'm not a member of Angie's! I think you can call either 908-448-2512 or 732-981-0800. They have a roofing and a general construction branch. Call and get a comparative bid and use my experience to ask questions of the other company that you have already lined up. Best of luck! "

Mr. Sutter

Piscataway, NJ

"Came on time and laid out the schedule for the day Workers set up, worked and cleaned up VERY well. Roof looks good."

Bobbie Jean

South Plainfield, NJ

"Overall, how satisfied were you with our product/service? Very Satisfied Would you recommend our product/service? Definitely -"