Gutter Cleaning & Repair Somerset

Most homeowners are well aware that keeping their gutters in tip-top shape is crucial to protecting their homes. Your gutters are vital in the defense against water buildup that can seriously damage your home, and, additionally, nice gutters look great on a home exterior. It’s all the more reason you should go with the pros if you need gutter repair in Somerset, as there are many potential threats that can impede proper gutter function and create issues that need attention. No matter where you live, the threat of gutter damage is real, and it turns out it’s coming from some sources you might least expect.

The Forces At Play On Your Gutter

They are numerous, and not always immediately obvious. Since your gutters are meant to drain away water, the large openings that they provide are a prime target for plant matter, animals, and other obstructions that can impede their function.

One of the main gutter-damaging offenders are the trees in your yard. Even though they are pretty, and provide a shady spot for you to read under, among other fun uses, they’re also shedding leaves and twigs all year-round. Over time, those bits of debris add up, and during the fall or after a storm, they’re all over the place. They end up in your gutter and create an ideal environment for mold (which can create even more damage) or the next culprit on our list: pests.

For some reason, more than a few animal species like to take residence in gutters. The list is long and includes a few critters that you might expect. Birds, for instance, are quite fond of the abundance of leaves and twigs, figuring it might make the perfect spot for a nest. Squirrels and chipmunks might find it a great place to lay their heads, or to gain access to your roof. Even feral cats will get in on the action, lured by the birds and other small animals they love to stalk.

Then there are the more dangerous species that will get into your gutters and wreak havoc. Possums, for instance, love to come out at night, using your gutters as an access point to the roof or a place to give birth. Raccoons will enter, looking for a free meal (and often getting stuck). If smaller creatures have taken refuge in the gutter, then in time, curious reptiles like snakes might come along, looking for a meal.

Keeping Your Gutters Safe

It might seem like everything is after your gutters, but keeping the leaves, debris, and critters away only takes a simple step—a quick call to your gurus of gutter cleaning in Somerset, Double D Construction. We’ve seen it all before and can handle getting the debris and unwanted residents from your gutters so that they stay functioning normally.

What’s more, sticking to a regular gutter cleaning schedule will reduce the likelihood that animals will want to come by and make them a home (or feeding ground). It’s always best to nip problems in the bud before they become too big, so give us a call today to keep your gutters pristine and free of worries that could compound themselves down the line.